Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Films/movies, clichees and weird facts!

A great article (in german!) about (true) clischees in movies. Things that are always done the same way. It's quite an eye-opener and actually hillarious to read:

Spiegel Eines Tages

Some examples:
- If the hero fights against a whole army, they always attack him one after the other, never all at once.
- Animals always make a sound when they enter the scene. Never does a cat just silently walk in.
- The cars of the bad guys always explode when the have an accident. The car of the heros can have the worst crash ever, they will never explode.
- The bad guys never run downstairs when they are chased, they always take the staircase upwards. That just makes the better fight on the rooftop.
- There is always a stand with vegetables on the streets that can be demolished in a car chase.
- All secret services seem to store their most important data (e.g. codes for nuclear weapons) on CDs that get lost.
- There is always a way INTO a house, but never an open escape route. Then suddenly all the doors are locked.
- Ships always sink at night, people always reach the lonely islands by day.

Related to movies, this is the story of a very famous sound file, the Wilhelm scream. It appears in thousand of films and when you watch this you will never be able to see one of them without noticing. Promise!

And a small compilation of the Wilhelm scream in movies. Amazing. I have never noticed before that everybody screams the same way ;-)

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